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of Creative Craftsmanship.

Welcome to The Idea Essential, where our passion lies in the artistry of creation and transformation. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, we are a collective of design & marketing mavens. Our expertise spans across the vibrant realms of lifestyle, living, and brand essentials.

At The Idea Essential, we don't just create; we reimagine. Our creations are more than mere objects – they are beautifully crafted masterpieces that enhance and beautify life. We specialize in a diverse array of sectors including Lifestyle & Health, Home Decor, Weddings, and Farewell Tributes,  infusing each with our unique blend of creativity and elegance.

Our clientele is as global as our vision.  We cater to a diverse spectrum of clients, from prominent public companies to visionary small businesses, 

all united by a desire to make a difference in the world.

At The Idea Essential, we are committed to turning dreams into reality. Our clients' visions are our blueprint; their aspirations, and our inspiration. We ensure that every creation is not just a fulfillment of a brief, but a realization of a dream. Now, we stand ready to bring your vision to life.


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The Idea Essential to ESG

Embracing Sustainability and Diversity

at Idea Essential

At Idea Essential, we are deeply committed to sustainable growth recognizing that it emerges from a synergy of various elements. As pioneers in the funeral industry,

we observed the significant environmental impact caused by traditional wreaths. This insight led to the birth of Jarniq & Kind Culture

( /,

our innovative ventures crafting eco-friendly wreaths from everyday recycled materials.

With Bixitia, our premium corporate line, we're not just offering products and solutions; we're redefining elegance with recycled materials and eco-friendly solutions. These creations aren’t merely products; they are testaments to the beauty of sustainability.

Our collaboration with the OTOP (One Tambon One Product) community across Thailand, from the serene North to the vibrant South, channels creativity into crafting exquisite items. This initiative not only fosters artistic expression but also drives economic growth in these quaint villages.

At Idea Essential, diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of our business. We take immense pride in our diverse workforce, where LGBTQ individuals and women of all ages form the cornerstone of our company. They are not just employees; they are the architects of our success.

We believe in nurturing a joyful and fulfilling workplace.

It's here that the magic happens, where we craft beauty from the ordinary, transforming everyday items into extraordinary creations.

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The Idea Essential HQ, 82/11-16 Rachaprarob Road, Phayahai, BKK 10400 Thailand   

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